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Q3 Monday Matters #5

Selected controversy: The existence of a higher power

Distinct opinion #5: The cosmological argument of the existence of God makes more sense than the arguments Atheists construct, as it asserts that the universe’s existence is caused by God, which is an uncaused entity, and Atheists strive to argue that God cannot actually be uncaused.

Political Cartoon:

Image result for political cartoons about the existence of god


  1. The cosmological argument, as it appears in the cartoon, asserts that God is the uncaused cause for the existence of the universe as we know it.
  2. The counter to this cosmological argument is that God had to have been caused by something too, which is not true, because God, as an all-powerful entity, can appear without being caused to do so.
  3. The cosmological argument is better than the Atheist counter to it, as Atheists are attempting to question the arrival of an all-powerful entity, whose existence cannot be questioned.

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