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Q3 Monday Matters #4

Selected controversy: The existence of a higher power

Distinct opinion #4: God can’t exist, because there are numerous contradictions and hypocrisies in the argument for his existence.

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  1. God has been hidden, and said to be speaking through others. However, no evidence directly supports that God ever spoke through people to begin with, and people who claim to be speaking for God most often cause embarrassment. If God really was real, he would speak as himself. Similarly, because God refuses to reveal himself, there are numerous religions which all claim to be the one true religion. If he really wanted to save people, he would’ve made it obvious what the truth is. Many Christians believe he refuses to reveal himself because he does not want to interfere with our free will, but if this was true, why would that be a problem? He has not made an effort to be hidden in the past, such as when he parted the Red Sea, so why would he want to be hidden now? Furthermore, Jesus failed in his mission to save all, but if he really was God’s incarnate, how would it have been possible that he failed?
  2. There are numerous misconceptions about the kind of person or entity God is. For example, he is claimed to be a loving parent to his children, but he does not act as such. If this was true, he would stop his children from dying horrible deaths. He has commanded genocide, global flooding, as well as plagues, which prove at the very least he is not what Christians believe him to be; he was not a kind person, and was instead unforgiving, as well as a bully.
  3. Christians don’t actually trust God. If they did, they wouldn’t feel the need to care for their health, look two ways before crossing the street, and so on. They would feel as if God had their backs, and one prayer could fix them up. If Christians can’t completely trust the existence of God themselves, then God can’t really exist.
  4. Prayer is said to be the way for one to communicate with God and have their voices heard. However, the only prayers that end up coming true in the world are the ones that realistically have a high chance of occurring anyways. So, how can one say that prayer really is communicating with God?

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