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Q3 Monday Matters #3

Selected controversy: The existence of a higher power

Distinct Opinion #3: The existence of god makes sense on rational grounds, which we must turn to for explanation due to science being unable to prove it.

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  1. Science can only explain the definite, the concepts we can observe, so therefore it has no answers when defining abstract concepts such as the existence of God. It cannot explain how things came to be or why. However, scientists would agree that a creation can’t create itself, or that a creation can’t always have existed.
  2. Many challenge the existence of god because they cannot accept the existence of intense suffering in humanity, however this existence doesn’t actually challenge the presence of God. Furthermore, a believer in God only has to account for the existence of suffering, while an Atheist has to account for consciousness, life, love, and other abstract concepts.
  3. There are many arguments that allow believers in God to have faith. It only makes sense that, on rational grounds, a creator would care for their creation, as well as good and evil. Furthermore, caring humans would not make sense to have been made by an uncaring creator. That being said, blaming God for suffering is not challenging his existence, and one has no right to do so.

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